Friday, January 6, 2012


I have not been much of a watcher of Television, recent years especially, I've been more of a movie kind of guy.  One thing I respected with television though is the fact that producers and studios seemed to be more daring and willing to try new things.  Movies, especially these days, have been churning out film after film based off of something else.  My first post here was about some remakes in the works and even though each remake has the potential to outdo the original, it's few and far-between.

Now television seems to be going the same route.  The following article from entertainment weekly is about multiple series in production:

I'm NOT a fan of Sarah Silverman because of the facts that she's not very classy and let's face it, she just ain't funny.

Back to the subject at hand, you can see that a lot of shows are being remade including The Flintstones and even the freaking MUNSTERS of all ideas.  Many others are ideas based off of films.  Ironic how there have been films based off of television shows.

But still...

Things like this annoy not only myself but many other artists and creative people who HAVE ideas and are jumping up and down waving their arms trying to get someone's attention....yet no one seems to be listening.  Television is known for being more daring and wanting to try new things, but seeing what came out this past year and what's coming out this fall I'm starting to doubt that.

I know why movies produce remakes or films based on other forms of entertainment, I think it's primarily because of large budgets required for films and word of mouth.  If your subject matter already has a large fan base, then it makes one's job easier.  A television show can start off unpopular but grow in popularity and be made for a much smaller budget.

I suppose we should get used to things like this but I won't be surprised when most of the shows listed don't make it to a second season, let alone all the way through their first.

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