Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three Guys Review Wonder Woman

Three guys from "That Guy With the Glasses" review the 2011 pilot of "Wonder Woman", a pilot SO bad that apparently "it became nuthin'", as Jules Winfield would say.

Based only on the review, I can see why.  It was bad.  In comic book movie terms it was Halle-Berry- Catwoman-bad.

I can forgive the limited budget.  I can forgive that it was the first episode.  I can't forgive that Wonder Woman was a jerk.  How often did she smile in this? 


It seemed to me that they were somehow combining Superman and Batman along with a public/secret identity.  How can an identity be secret AND public you ask?  Somehow it happens here.  There are a lot of legal matters here, apparently being a superhero will give you headaches.  That's not a bad idea.  Superman would probably need a lawyer as they explored in the film "The Incredibles".  However, since Wonder Woman is NOT  a nice person in any way, her legal team must be overworked.

Now she seemed like Superman

I always thought of Wonder Woman as the DC version of Thor.  I like Thor's look, it says superhero AND Norse warrior at the same time.  Maybe she should have looked something more like this:

Just a thought.

But they tried to combine Superman's public persona with Batman's attitude towards criminals.  Big difference between the two:  Superman has faith in our justice system, Batman doesn't.  If I had to choose between the two, Wonder Woman is more like Superman if anyone.

Basically they tried to make her SUPER tough and over compensated.  That along with a bunch of little issues, made the pilot weak.  No wonder NBC passed.  Stick to legal dramas, David E Kelly!

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