Sunday, January 22, 2012

George Lucas "retires"

So apparently he didn't like what critics and people have said about his decisions in regards to Star Wars.

First of all, you had a LOT of money to throw around and you chose to surround yourself with "yes men".

You came up with some great ideas but if I were you, I would have hired writers and directors for the prequels.  You have a lot to be proud of, getting the ball rolling in 1977 and forming the company Industrial Light and Magic.  You have success that other people, artists especially, pray to God for.  What do you care what some people online are saying? 

As for critics?  As a rule, most critics have on their list the kind of films that don't cost millions nor do they make millions.  It's their JOB to point out what's wrong and a hell of a  lot of times the public doesn't listen to them, anyway.  They certainly didn't listen when they helped the Star Wars films rake in BILLIONS of dollars world wide.

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