Sunday, January 15, 2012

Avengers VS Xmen

This year Marvel has come up with another storyline that feels like just another gimmick.  It could be good, but then again Civil War could have been good, Spider-Man revealing his secret identity could have been good but they dropped the ball there, too.

The biggest aspect of Civil War that I didn't like was the fact that regardless of difference in opinions, there's NO WAY that Captain America would ever raise a fist (or a shield) to a fellow Avenger and hero.  Even if it is Tony Stark and he's being a douche.

I sure do hope that IronMan doesn't try to really take on Magneto.  I mean come on, that match will last two seconds.

But seriously, I really hope that the Avengers cleans the clock of the XMen because I just can't stand the mutants anymore.  Don't get me started on Wolverine, the most overrated character in comic book history.

I haven't been too impressed by any of the story lines coming out of comics.  They've had great concepts as I mentioned before but they dropped the ball, big time.  Maybe they should try some NEW ideas.

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