Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morgalla Inspiration: Carrie Kelly

During the '80's, two books debuted that changed comics and the superhero forever.  One was Watchmen, the other was Batman, the Dark Knight Returns.  The influence of the latter was quite evident, influencing the film Batman just three years later and that's just to name one.

Not only did the bat return but also Robin, this time a girl named Carrie Kelly.

One thing that always interested me about superheroes was their motivation to put on a costume and mask and fight evil.  Carrie's motivations are not out of ego but more out of necessity.  She's a fangirl of Batman who saved her live from some mutants.
She's forced to live in the hell of Gotham at its worst.  She could choose to be a victim, she could choose to do nothing but instead she decided to join Batman as his new sidekick.  Granted, part of her needing to kick butt is out of survival and that's where her influence upon Morgalla comes in.

Carrie seems completely overwhelmed at times, being in this MadMax version of Gotham.  Heck, even BATMAN seems a bit overwhelmed being a mortal man and all.

Carrie might be one of the toughest Robins ever;  she does live in the toughest incarnations of Gotham City, after all.  Though the Robin outfit never really seemed to fit in the Frank Miller world, having used dark colors all over, the red green and yellow is a sharp contrast.