Sunday, October 21, 2012

Morgalla Inspiration: Masters of the Universe and Mortal Kombat

"Hey, whoa!  He just ripped that guy's head off!"

Mortal Kombat was unique in many ways, number one being its violence.  

One thing that impressed me was the fact that it had a strong story, all be it kinda simplistic:  Bad guy wants to rule the world and good guys have to stop him.  Another cool element was the fact that each character had a story and a reason to be in the tournament.  Where Street Fighter came before, this game took it to new levels with the action and the fact that they were using actors for the characters.

Mortal Kombat II was even cooler.  Not only were the graphics and animation better but the fight went into "outworld".  It took the already cool story and made it even cooler.

When it came to Part III, again there were many great elements.  They took it up a notch where we were back on Earth, but it was invaded by the armies of the evil Shao Kahn.  In all three parts there were mystical and magical elements but in part III they added science fiction hardcore with the cyborg characters.

The movies sucked.  Don't get me started.

Morgalla's story is indeed violent but I tried to downplay any gore and death.  That's where MK and I differ.  I was inspired though about the story of invaders from another dimension.  In some cases they're not human, in fact alien-like beings.  Do they have spaceships?  Do they have high-tech weapons?  Nope.  Don't need em.

Now years before there was a cartoon that had a great deal of potential but ended up being way too campy and childish.  When it came to Masters of the Universe, there were a lot of great characters and a bunch of great concepts that didn't live up to its potential.


Both of these stories had both fantasy and sci-fi elements within it.  Interesting to see both magic and science come together in one story but these two made it work.

Star Wars did it a little, too.

But still...

Mortal Kombat was the bigger influence, especially since it took place in modern times.  He-Man had a lot of potential and even though there was a reboot in recent years, I think we still have yet to see it live up to its potential.  MK, too.

Maybe the Rock would e interested in playing He Man.  I mean, who else could do it?

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