Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 BILLION Dollars

George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm for 4 BILLION dollars.  This isn't news to all those in geek circles for the 'net is all a buzz with activity about it.

Go ahead, George.  Take the money and run, it's your right and you've earned it.  I find it ironic, though.  Here in the 70's you were fighting against the big companies in Hollywood, trying to get your movies made.  You hated doing business with them because you thought they were more business and no art.  In the span of just a few months, you became that which you hated to do business with.  Lucasfilm grew into a beast of a company, an "empire" if you will.  Now you took 4 billion from the empire of the mouse. 


Oh and I'll say this:  Odds are Disney is going to do better with the Star Wars sequels than you EVER did with the prequels.  So I guess this is good news.  Shocking, but still has a silver lining.

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