Saturday, July 7, 2012

Military Bad, Trees Good

This, in essence, is what's wrong with Avatar. 

In Total Film's "The Fifty Most Hated Movies Ever Made", Avatar ranks as number fourteen.  There were worse films lower on the list, like Battlefield Earth and Highlander Two.  But Avatar, since it made SO much money, took Titanic off of the top list for me as the most overrated film in history.

While everyone was going nuts over the brilliant visuals, I was pointing out the flaws.  Granted, there are some of the same similarities as with other James Cameron films; such as having a brain and making characters that one can relate to.  But his villains are two-dimensional and do I have to mention "unobtainium"?  Or however you spell it.

You're not supposed to like the human race at all in this film.  Everything about this movie, from its writing to its design, is intended to paint the Na'Vi in as positive a light as possible and the human race as total bastards.  The message is in no way subtle and the "king of the world" thinks we're too dumb to notice.  Yeah there are new helicopters, space ships and battlemechs but they're not "TOO" cool.  Not cool enough to like the human race.

But the number one thing that I loathe about this film is the attitude towards the human race.  Apparently in the future we're still caring more about money than people.  We're still raping environments not only of our world but OTHER worlds, too.

Now human beings will never be perfect, there will always be bad apples who make us look bad.  Certain aspects of behavior I think will always exist such as bigotry and blind greed.  But in the future, I think these things will be a rarity.  I think when we start to colonize other worlds (and someday we will) we'll treat them better.  I think that when we make contact with an alien race (and I'd like to think that someday we will) that we'll respect them and their culture.

Apparently James Cameron has little faith in humanity.

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