Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Man of Steel vs. Iron Man 3

It seems to me that the big showdown of the nerd movies this year is Man of Steel vs Iron Man 3.  Now after the disappointment with The Dark Knight Rises and the first trailer of Superman kinda leaving a bad taste in every one's mouth, it seemed like Stark's third outing was going to be a sure-thing.  It also helps that Marvel has been on a roll over the past five years and still riding a freight train of awesome after The Avengers.

However, I need to mention a new article on joblo.com:


It's encouraging, if it's real and I would say that Iron Man 3 has some major competition.  I would have to mention the new IM3 trailer, too:


Again, I guess we'll have to wait and see just which is the better film.  I would say that the geeks this year are going to be either very satisfied...or crushed.  Just like last year with Batman not living up to the hype, at least we were all happy with Avengers.

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