Friday, March 16, 2012

Fifty Most Hated Movies

No surprise that some people will spend time on the subject, but what WAS surprising were some of the choices on the list:

Some films, the reason they were on the list, was completely understandable for there was indeed a lot of suckage on there.  Some I would have been a little more kind but when Hollywood has millions of dollars to spend you wonder how can they screw up so badly?  Simple:  They're out of touch with the masses.  But hey, people go to see their movies anyway so what do they care?

There were very few surprises, though I would have put all Twilight movies and Star Wars Prequels together respectively.  Absolutely SHOCKED to see Forrest Gump on the list, I thought people kinda liked that movie.  Shocking also to see Titanic there.  For me, the film was okay and impressive, Cameron deserved best director in 1998 for the lengths he went through to make the movie.  But the most surprising title on the list was Avatar.

I did NOT LIKE Avatar for its cynical attitude towards the human race and the bland plot.  Again, millions of dollars on special effects and actor's salaries and yet you seem to spend a $1.50 and a Tuesday afternoon on the script.  I suppose that after people went home from the theater and started watching the movie on DVD, they started to pay attention more to the script.

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