Friday, February 17, 2012

Morgalla's Jeans

Another minor inspiration for Morgalla was the film HIGHLANDER, a cult-classic if ever there was one that spawned horrible sequels.

For years I had drawn Morgalla wearing a red t-shirt, red sneakers and blue jeans.  I didn't want her in a "costume" of some sort. 

I think she looks more humble this way, I mean after all she already has HORNS.  As the years went by, the shirt got smaller until it was a baby t and sometimes it was purple, too:

But HIGHLANDER comes into being for having a sci/fi-fantasy element in modern-day times with sword fights in the middle of 1980's Manhattan.  I love the contrast in hero and villain, MacLeod the "good guy" with centuries of issues and memories to deal with.  And the Kurgan looking like a modern-day barbarian. 

Macleod is such a contrast to him, not just in personality but also in wardrobe:  He's dressed like he just doesn't give a crap:

His wardrobe is meant much more for comfort and for its use fullness.  I respect the filmmakers for not making him be a "flashy" character and that shone through I think with Morgalla...just a tiny bit.

Why does she wear jeans and a t-shirt?  Because she wants to.  She's not trying to impress anyone.

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