Monday, September 17, 2012

New Cop in Town

The online film reviewer Confused Matthew brought up a very good point in his review of King Kong.  I'm paraphrasing here:  Why does Hollywood insist on remaking GOOD movies? know what?  That IS a damn good point.  Why DOES Hollywood do that?  I mean you're automatically raising the bar!  If you're going to remake anything, why not redo a film that had potential but sucked?  Remake Green Lantern, for example.

The new photos of the Robocop remake are out:
It's not "bad" but it's very "tron-ish", it reminds me of Rinzler.  Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing, for one of the only redeeming qualities of Tron: Legacy was its look.
But seeing as if the over all look of Robocop has become very iconic I think straying away from the look of the character too much might be a mistake.  On the other hand, maybe that's what the director wanted to do:  Break away from the Paul Verhoeven classic.
But still...
I'm glad that the director didn't go 100% cgi.  A lesser director would have done a cgi character.  That comment was geared more towards guys like Martin Campbell and his atrocious Green Lantern.
But still...
The cars look cool, too:

It looks like its part tank.  Sweet.

Again, this movie might suck, it might be cool but I'm trying to keep an optimistic outlook on it.  We'll see when it comes out next year.

Oh and in regards to this pic:

Busted, dude.  You are TOTALLY taking a picture of Abbie Cornish's ass.

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