Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morgalla's Muscles

I've heard for years the big deal that people make a big stink about Morgalla and how "buff" she is.  There have been jokes at her expense for sure but that doesn't matter, she is who she is.

I used logic to determine as to how she should be built.  First and foremost, she is a strong person who grew up in difficult surroundings and who constantly had to work and fight on a daily basis for her survival.  She is NOT going to be built like a freaking barbie doll.  Hence why She Ra was one of her "anti inspirations".

Someone who practices daily, pushing their body to the extreme, will look something like a professional athlete.  And since Morgalla is short, I always pictured her more like a gymnast if anything.  Amazing how very few other artists have ever captured how I pictured her.

Now take characters like Wonder Woman or She Hulk, it's only in recent years that artists are showing any guts in drawing them with any kind of athletic appeal.  Characters like Superman, Hulk and many others are drawn like bodybuilders.  If a woman is supposed to be equally as strong as her male counterpart, how come she doesn't look it in any way?

Let the critics be damned, if I made her like everyone else then she wouldn't stand out.

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